Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ABC Pre-School students welcome visitors!

A doctor (Dr. Zuniga), a dentist (Dr. Cima) and Be Kind Belize director (Colette Kase) were present early Wednesday morning at ABC Pre-School to talk about their profession.

Dr. Zuniga had a show-and-tell with the tools of his trade, as did Dr. Cima. A stethoscope, pressure cuff, gloves, face masks, and lighted instruments kept the kids entertained, and they had many questions.
Colette showed up with Scruff the dog (a puppet) and proceeded to regale students with a story about Scruff. Be Kind Belize promotes kindness, and educates children on ways to show kindness to people, animals and the environment.

The month-long activities continue for child stimulation month...

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