Friday, July 16, 2010

Dollar Drive Fundraiser for San Pedro Cancer Society

The newly formed San Pedro Cancer Society is calling on the community to give a helping hand in their first fundraiser on Saturday, July 17. This fledgling group is hoping to register as an NGO (Non Government Organization), and to do so, must raise some funds to pay for the process. To do so, they are holding a Dollar Drive at Mr. Omar Arceo's residence across from the Five-A-Side court. Starting at 11am, food will be on sale, as well as drinks. Those who come by are being asked to donate one (1) dollar ($1). If you wish to give more, it is gladly accepted. A gratuity pin will be given to donors as well.

The San Pedro Cancer Society was established to create a network of help for those who are affected and dealing with Cancer. The group works on a volunteer basis, and aims to provide educational information on cancer, along with support, both moral and financial, to those who are living with the dreaded "C", and require treatment. Monies will also be used to support the invaluable Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga.

The board of directors include: President - Monica Prevett; Vice President - Jorge Aldana; Secretary - Rene Guzman; Treasurer - Miguel Perez.

Fundraising events will be held at least every other month, and a grand yearly gala is in the works as the main fundraising event of the year for the group. To join the society, or to find out more about how to help in the fundraising efforts, contact Monica at 631-6567 or Miguel at 610-1293.


Anonymous said...

Once again, just like in the USA, people are being duped into giving money for cancer research by offering those "cute little ribbons" while after billions of dollars given world wide, cancer is on the increase. Research is BIG BUSINESS! But the cure for cancer has been kept secret by the medical business because there is no profit in it. We cause our own cancers by faulty diet and lifestyle and we can heal ourselves of cancer if we are willing to change and accept responsibility instead of giving away our power to the doctors, hospitals and drug companies. A new book written here in Belize and now available in bookstores and online tells how: "Setting Yourself Apart From the Seeds of Cancer, A Natural Health and Survival Guide".

Mary said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Anonymous, and thank you for leaving your comment. Allow us to explain the purpose of our fundraiser. The Dollar Drive was held to raise funds that will help us register our organization that will offer (financial and moral) help to those who are already affected by the disease, and we hope to offer education for those around us so that their improved lifestyle and decisions lessens the impact of the disease. The biggest issue we've found regarding cancer in our society is ignorance. Most people think Cancer = Death, and it is our primary motivation to show others that it does not have to be so if we can help it. We are looking forward to helping people find ways to combat the disease, and when money is in short supply (as it often is), we hope we will be able to offer assistance, along with moral support. If in fact you are the author (or know the author) of the book you mention, perhaps you can email to let us know how you could donate a few of those books so that we may include it in our arsenal of educational tools available to anyone seeking help. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My name is Dr.Morris F.Keller and I am the author of the book mentioned. Cancer is a symptom, not a disease. The body with cancer is out of balance many ways. What people need is Education not Medication to learn how they can heal themselves of the cause of cancer, not spend money on surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs which all treat symptoms not causes. Check out our website to learn more: