Monday, July 19, 2010

"Dollar Drive" a huge success

Saturday’s “Dollar Drive” fundraiser for the newly formed San Pedro Cancer Society was a huge success. Members of the group, along with volunteers donated chickens, rice and beans, salad, coleslaw and even cupcakes and other pastries for sale. During the sale, a Dollar Drive was held, with drivers donating amounts from $1 and up to the very worthy cause.

Drivers stopped and gave generously...thank you to all who stopped for a moment to give...
Even hardworking delivery men took a moment to donate what they could

For $1, one could also place their palm print on a banner
Food was on sale for the busy lunch hour
Smiles of success - Miguel, Monica and Juvinie take a break from the long day
Jorge and Alexis collect donations from drivers passing through

Miguel and Zoby
After a long hot day of hard work, the Board of Directors have confirmed that enough money was raised that the original goal was met, plus, more. With the extra funds, the organization can pay the legal fees to register the organization plus will have leftover to start a savings account. That account will hopefully continue to grow so that many people can be helped.
Members are still welcomed, and everyone is thanked for their HUGE support to this very worthy cause.

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