Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss San Pedro High 2011 contestants announced

Beauty pageants are nothing new to the community San Pedro. As a children, little girls are excited to participate in the Little Miss Chiquitita Pageant. The Miss San Pedro pageant is a pageant that invites many young ladies to participate, vying for this very prestigious title which allows them to experience San Pedro and the Country as an Ambassador of San Pedro; the popularity contest for the Miss Carnaval; all these pageants invite young beauties to compete for a crown. While most pageants are done mainly for the crown, SPHS invites participants to compete not only for a crown, but for the grand prize of a one year full scholarship to SPHS.

Nine beautiful young ladies from the SPHS are in preparation for the 2011-2012 scholarship pageant. Giselle Almilla (1A), Josie Lopez (2G), Lina Mazariegos (1C), Marissa Gomez (1H), Nayelli Puc (2C), Mahe Pereira (1E), Alexis Del Valle (2A), Vivienne Forman (1G) and Miriam Rodriguez (2E) will be competing.

The pageant is scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium commencing at 6:00pm. The beauties will be judged on talent, formal wear, culture as well as their performance throughout the preparation phase of the competition.

Outgoing Queen Ms. Solani Graniel will also be accompanying the beauties as they prepare. All proceeds from the pageant will go towards financially assisting students that need the help, either towards CXC exam payments, book purchases or school fees, to name a few. The general public is invited to come out and show their support to the San Pedro High School and these talented young ladies. There will be lots to eat and drink.

Vivienne Forman (1G)
Marissa Gomez (1H)

Mahe Pereira (1E)

Lina Mazariegos (1C)

Giselle Alamilla (1A)

Nayelli Puc (2C)

Miriam Rodriguez (2E)

Josie Lopez (2G)

Alexis Del Valle (2A)

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Is there a voting to see who will win the miss sanpedro internet?