Friday, May 27, 2011

Notice from Ministry of Education - Re: Transport System Disruption

Press Release - Belmopan, Ministry of Education - May 27, 2011 - In light of the disruption in the transportation system the Ministry of Education and Youth hereby informs parents, guardians, students, principals and managements of schools of the following:

1. Parents and guardians are advised that, while classes have not been called off, they are to take into due consideration the safety of their children in making a decision whether or not to send their children to school today under the circumstances.

2. Schools and managing authorities are to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of their students and members of staff present at school.

3. The Ministry of Education and Youth is seeking the advice of the Caribbean Examinations Council on how to proceed with respect to the CXC Examination that is scheduled today. Pending such advice from the Caribbean Examinations Council, students taking CXC Examinations today should make the effort to reach their examination centers without taking undue risks. As we get such feedback from CXC we will be making a public announcement via the radio stations. Parents, guardians and students are asked to listen to their radio stations for updated information on this.


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