Friday, May 27, 2011

Update from Ministry of Education

As a follow-up to our earlier release in light of the disruption in the transportation system, the Ministry of Education and Youth hereby updates parents, guardians, students, principals and managements of schools of the following with respect to the scheduled CXC Examinations today:

1. Students taking CXC Examinations today should make the effort to reach their examination centers without taking undue personal risks.

2. The Ministry of Education and Youth has been advised by the Caribbean Examinations Council that scheduled examinations are to begin on-time for students who arrive on time at the examination centers.

3. Students who are delayed because of the transportation disruption are to still make every effort to reach the examination center without taking undue personal risks. Once at the center, students will be allowed to start the examination late and will be given full-time to complete the examination.

4. Where a student is unable to reach his/her examination centre because of the transportation disruption they are advised to go to the nearest examination centre with their registration information/documentation and where arrangements can be made for them to sit the examination at that center.

The Ministry will remain in contact with the Caribbean Examinations Council to inform them of any further developments and to get further guidance from them. We will advise students sitting examinations and schools accordingly.


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